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Try in Our 12 Different Scent Sample Set Parfums Pour Femme (2mL Sample)

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Try all of our 12 Parfums Pour Femme with our 2 ml Sample Set.
  • Etoile Parfum Pour Femme
  • La Chanson Parfum Pour Femme
  • La Danse Parfum Pour Femme
  • La Guitare Parfum Pour Femme
  • La Musique Parfum Pour Femme
  • La Mélodie Parfum Pour Femme
  • La Noche Parfum Pour Femme
  • La Symphonie Parfum Pour Femme
  • Le Batteur Parfum Pour Femme
  • Le Concerto Parfum Pour Femme
  • Le Piano Parfum Pour Femme
  • Le Violon Parfum Pour Femme

Try in Our 12 Different Scent Sample Set Parfums Pour Femme (2mL Sample) Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Quality, Projection, Durability, and top choices

Posted by Omar on Sep 22nd 2020

I got this sample set for my mother. All the fragrances had excellent quality, projection, and durability. But the one she liked the most was: Le Piano.

Sample kit

Posted by Enerina Pretre on Jun 5th 2020

Loved it! Definitely have some favorites!

12 Different Scent Sample Set Parfums Pour Femme (2mL Sample)

Posted by Natalie Halver on Jun 1st 2020

Firstly - I was NOT paid or received any free samples for a review. This is my own personal opinion from my experience. If you are not sure about getting this sample set, don’t be - you most definitely should. It was really helpful in helping me choose my favourite scent after the dry down and to have an idea of each sample’s longevity and sillage. It is a small price paid in comparision to buying a full sized bottle of the wrong scent. The shipping was fast and the product was well packaged. I was surprised at how far a 2 ml sample can go- I have used each at least 4 -6 times (2-3 sprays each time) at different times of the day and under different weather conditions to test the longevity, sillage and dry down and I still have at least 1/2 to 2/3 in each vial left. The perfumes themselves are all very beautiful but that was where the similarity ended - they are all really quite unique and lovely in their own way.
Additionally, most of them lasted more than 24 hours on my skin even after 2 times showering. Even though I knew they were composed of 24% oil I was still suspicious and thought I needed a second opinion as I had to rationalize why I was willing to pay so much for a full size bottle of perfume of a brand I knew very little about. So I tested the 6 samples I liked and that I thought lasted the longest on my skin – Musique, Concerto, Batteur, Chanson, Violin and Melodie on my brother who is a heavy duty mechanic for the national train company over 3 days - 2 scents each day - one on each arm. He was constantly exposed to strong chemicals, grease and regular ‘arm’ and hand washing. We were pleasantly surprisingly that all 6 lasted at least 24 hours on his skin even after showering.
They are all quite lovely but personally my favourite is Musique with Concerto and Batteur rounding up the top three. Then Chanson, Violon, Melodie, Symphonie and finally Piano, Danse, Noche, Etoile and Guitare. I like them all and they all had good sillage and longevity but I personally preferred the scent of first 3 over the others. This sample pack is excellent value for money and I will definitely be purchasing the full sized bottle of La Musique when I have used up the remaining perfume in my top 6 samples.


Posted by Samantha on May 27th 2020

I love my samples

12 x 2 ml Sample Claude Marsal

Posted by Carla Cross-Danyluk on Apr 28th 2020

Love the different scents; however, I thought perhaps they came in a nice box. I received 12 sample sizes that you can get for free. I am happy that I can try them all