The Story

Claude Marsal the 24K, the Gold Standard of Perfume

For Claude Marsal, creating perfume is like composing music. Musicians combine three notes to create a beautiful harmony – the same is true with perfumes. Three notes need to be mixed, and then a delicious and lovely fragrance is created. But, combining notes is not an easy task; it takes diligence, experience, and care.

The goal of perfume creation is not to engineer a single masterpiece; instead, it is to pay homage to individual scents and allow each note to shine both individually and together. Claude Marsal combines exquisite, elegant, intricate, and aromatic scents to create an allure that is impossible to resist.

All of Claude Marsal's perfumes are 24% fragrance oil. This means each Claude Marsal perfume is the highest quality of perfume: Eau de Parfum. The high fragrance oil content allows Claude Marsal perfumes to stay on your skin longer and will allow the notes to retain their characteristics throughout the day.

Enjoy the luxurious, unexpected, and indulgent fragrances that evoke confidence and sensuality.

~Claude Marsal