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New Perfumes by Claude Marsal inspired for the Strong and Independent Women

OMAHA, NE July 12, 2018Claude Marsal Parfums, a perfumer company, is launching two new perfumes for women on Summer-Fall 2018 that will be available at selected retailers and online at Claude Marsal surprise the audience with two new perfumes for women inspired by music and musical instruments. Both fragrances belong to the floral family and are inspired by Wood, Arum Lily, Turkish Rose, and Lilac. The perfumes La Musique and La Guitare have themes of glamour and majesty. Both scents like all the Claude Marsal's creations have 24% oil fragrance concentration, which will stay in the skin longer.

La Musique and La Guitare are high-quality perfumes for women who are born to rule the world and for women who are daring and unique. "Creating these two perfumes was a pleasure because both scents are catered for strong and independent women who knows her value and that she is ready to leave a mark in the world around her," says Claude Marsal, Founder for Claude Marsal Parfums. "La Guitare and La Musique mix floral, fruity and woody notes and creates explosive and exquisite fragrances that can be worn for any occasion."

The new perfumes will increase the women collection to twelve fragrances; La Guitare belongs to the Fruity and Floral fragrance family, and La Musique belongs to the Floral, Woody and Musky fragrance family which are perfect for the summer and fall season. Both perfumes are indulgent fragrances that will evoke all the senses.

About Claude Marsal

For Claude Marsal, creating perfume is like composing music. Musicians combine three notes to create a beautiful harmony – the same is true with perfumes. Claude Marsal combines exquisite, elegant, intricate, and aromatic scents to create an allure that is impossible to resist.