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New Packaging but the Same Exact Unique Fantastic Perfume

NEW YORK, NY March 11, 2020. In late 2019, Claude Marsal changed the description of the perfume on its packaging from Eau De Parfum to Parfum. 


No changes were made to the perfumes, which are guaranteed 24% oil and 36% oil for the Maximal editions. Both packaging are authentic and contain the same exact fantastic perfume.

The reason for the change is that 20% of oil concentration and higher is widely considered Parfum. This level of concentration provides higher longevity when worn. Meaning each unique scent notes will remain on your skin for approximately 8 hours after application. They are allowing you to use fewer sprays and smell just as good at the beginning of your day as the end.

Enjoy these luxurious, unexpected, and indulgent fragrances that will make you evoke all the senses of confidence and sensuality in their new packaging.

To purchase or learn more about our fragrances visit These perfumes are exclusively available online and at our select approved retailers in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico.

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About Claude Marsal:

For Claude Marsal, creating perfume is like composing music. Musicians combine three notes to create a beautiful harmony – the same is true with perfumes. Claude Marsal combines exquisite, elegant, intricate, and aromatic scents to create an allure that is impossible to resist.