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Edition Noir Pour Femme inspired for successful, innovative, and empowered woman

NEW YORK, NY August 7, 2020. Claude Marsal Parfums has launched its highly anticipated Claude Marsal Edition Noir collection pour Femme. The collection includes 5 new fragrances: Or Noir, Osmium Noir, Argent Noir, Platine Noir and Titane Noir. The parfum extract has a 24% oil concentration for heightened longevity after application. Just like their other releases this collection presents you with the highest quality in fragrance there is. 

This collection is for the successful, innovative, empowered woman that has a keen eye for adventure and risk. When creating these fragrances, Claude Marsal sought to convey power, sophistication, confidence, and ambition. These fragrances have a variety of notes to form a unique aromatic composition for every identity. This new collection is stunning in everything from the packaging, to the bottle, and lastly its scent.

These niche perfumes embody everything a luxury and elegant fragrance is. Perfume enthusiasts will love this wide range of fruity, floral, and green fragrances. Each of their top, heart, and base notes blending flawlessly to create their unique scents. Universally perfect, this collection has a scent for every type of personality and lifestyle. Everything from the packaging to the bottle is stylized to perfection to to bring out the best in women.

To purchase or learn more about each of these fragrances visit These perfumes are exclusively available online and at our select approved retailers in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico.

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About Claude Marsal:

For Claude Marsal, creating perfume is like composing music. Musicians combine three notes to create a beautiful harmony – the same is true with perfumes. Claude Marsal combines exquisite, elegant, intricate, and aromatic scents to create an allure that is impossible to resist.