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Claude Marsal Parfums launches a New VIP Rewards Program

NEW YORK, NY September 28, 2020. Claude Marsal has officially launched a new VIP rewards program to reward its valuable customers. The program is free to sign up for and is available to everyone.

Claude Marsal VIP Rewards members will get access to exclusive rewards and perks.

Earn points by completing the following actions:

  • Signup: 100 Points
  • Like on Facebook: 25 Points
  • Follow on Twitter: 25 Points
  • Follow on Instagram: 25 Points
  • Celebrate a birthday: 25 Points
  • Place an order: 1 VIP Reward for every $1 spent

Upon sign up, customers will receive a unique coupon code for 10% off on a transaction for their purchase that can be used immediately online or at any of the approved retailers.

One week after, the customer will receive a unique coupon code for 40% off on a transaction for their next purchase online or 20% off on a transaction on their next purchase at any of the approved retailers.

Refer a friend! Get $25 off (valid only on purchases of $250 or more) when you refer a friend and they successfully sign up to be a member. 

Once a member, they will also receive $25 off (valid on a purchase of $250 or more). Note - the $25 credit is only if the friend successfully signs up to become a member; referral alone is not enough.

VIP Rewards members will be able to manage their account at Members will be able to see the points they’ve accumulated, check out the latest exclusive rewards, and unlock perks.

Join the VIP rewards program at to start earning and saving. 

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About Claude Marsal

For Claude Marsal, creating perfume is like composing music. Musicians combine three notes to create a beautiful harmony – the same is true with perfumes. Claude Marsal combines exquisite, elegant, intricate, and aromatic scents to create an allure that is impossible to resist.