Claude Marsal

La Musique Parfum Pour Femme

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Fragrance Family: Floral, Woody & Musky
Main Accords: Tuberose, White Floral, Floral, Woody & Musky
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“La Musique” is an explosive, luxury, and erotic Tuberose perfume. It is for women who are daring and unique but also refine and glamorous.
“La Musique” belongs to the Floral, Woody and Musky fragrance family. Its overture is aromatic notes, followed by an interlude of white floral notes. Woody and musky notes are the grand finale that unfolds the entire body of the perfume.
The perfume opens with delicate Freesia, Incense, Chinese Osmanthus, and Tamarind
It continues to the foundation of explosive Peony, Iris, Tuberose, Arum Lily and Orris Root.
The last touch of the perfume is Cashmere Wood, Musk, and Vetiver unfolding the entire soul of the perfume.

Customer Reviews (1)

Very feminine

This scent starts off a bit on the sweet side but on me but settles down nicely after about 1 hour. After about 2 hours it's very soft, fresher more floral than sweet. The projection is not strong but people within 2-3 feet around me complimented me on the scent. What is lacks in projection it makes up in longevity- I was still able to smell a nice floral scent after a 14-18 hours of spraying. In my opinion, while the other CM perfumes may have strong personalities( I bought the samples) this is just a very "pretty" perfume - clean, feminine and soft but not powdery. I think it is best suited for daytime, first impression intimate settings and any season. I have been using it during the winter with no issues but my friends think it's too light for winter. I would not recommend this for an occasion or place where a scent needs to be extremely strong, leave a trail behind you for example a club. I am happy with this purchase - will buy this again. Natalie
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